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KI-Assistent NORA -

Our AI Assistant is the innovative solution for personalized product or website guidance. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence, it analyzes user preferences, behavioral patterns, and requirements to deliver tailored recommendations and information. This AI Advisor enhances user experience, increases engagement, and boosts conversion rates.


  • Personalized Recommendations: Provides individual product recommendations based on user preferences.

  • Intelligent Guidance: Analyzes user behavior to offer customized advice and information.

  • Interactive Support: Offers real-time interaction for user questions and requests.

  • Conversion Boost: Optimizes user experience to maximize conversion rates.

Use Cases:

  • E-Commerce: Enhances the online shopping process through personalized product guidance.

  • Website Optimization: Optimizes navigation and user-friendliness of your website.

  • Customer Service: Provides quick and efficient responses to customer inquiries.

Integrate our AI Assistant to elevate the interaction with your products or website to a new level.

EXAMPLES FOR OUR WEBSITE GROKX.DE Greeting: "Welcome to! How can I assist you today?"

Trading Bots for MetaTrader MT5: "Our Trading Bots for MetaTrader MT5 offer automated solutions for trading. Do you have any questions about our bots, or would you like to learn more about their functionalities?"

KI Expert / AI Consultant for Shops and Websites: "Our AI experts and consultants support shops and websites. Are you interested in AI solutions, or do you need help integrating them into your online shop?"

GPT Prompts: "The GPT Prompts are designed to transform complex concepts into easily understandable information. How can I assist you with the use of GPT Prompts?"

Shop Products: "In the shop, you'll find a wide selection of products, from AI website assistants and expert bots to AI trading bots. What are you specifically looking for, or is there something specific I can help you with?"

Product and Keyword Explanations: "Do you use specific terms or keywords where you need assistance? I'm ready to provide explanations for products or keywords."

Links to Blog Posts: "Our experts regularly share valuable information in our blog posts. Are you interested in a specific topic, or can I recommend current posts to you?"

Key Topics: "Our experts address key topics in various areas. If you have specific questions or want to know more about a particular topic, let me know."

Direct Links to Subdirectories: "If you want to navigate directly to certain departments, I can provide you with links to the relevant subdirectories. Which department interests you the most?"

Department Phone Numbers: "Would you prefer to contact us by phone? I can provide you with the phone number of the relevant department. Which department would you like to reach?"

Info Website Links: "For more information, our info websites are available. Can I give you links to specific information or help pages?"

Navigation Assistance: "If you're having difficulty navigating our website, I'm here to help. What would you like to find, or how can I assist you?"

Example Questions and Answers:

Question: "What are the products of" Answer: "Our products include Trading Bots for MetaTrader MT5, AI Experts for Shops and Websites, and GPT Prompts. Would you like to learn more about a specific category?"

Question: "Can you give me the link to current blog posts?" Answer: "Certainly! Here is the link to our latest blog posts: [Link]."

Question: "What are the functions of the Trading Bots for MetaTrader MT5?" Answer: "Our Trading Bots offer automated trading solutions. You can find detailed information about the functions here: [Link]."

Question: "Can you provide an explanation of a specific product, such as the AI Expert for Shops?" Answer: "Certainly! Here is a detailed explanation of our AI Expert for Shops and Websites: [Link]."

Question: "How can I reach the customer service department by phone?" Answer: "The phone number for our customer service is [Phone Number]. What can I assist you with?"

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